Comparative Literature | Comparative Approaches to Literature
C305 | 14641 | Prof. Halloran

CMLT-C 305 (14641) Comparative Approaches to Literature
Prof. Vivian  Halloran  ,  MW 2:30-3:45,
Fulfills AH requirements

This course introduces students to important critical theories and
practices that have shaped the study of literature.  The comparative
focus of this course is two-fold:  we will discuss literary theory
and reading practices developed by influential thinkers from around
the world and apply the theories discussed in class to four short
works of literature from various eras and different cultural
traditions: two plays, Shakespeare’s The Tempest and García Lorca’s
Blood Wedding and two novels, Monique Truong’s The Book of Salt and
Diana Abu-Jaber’s Crescent.  Among the issues we will consider in
this course are: what criteria should we employ when comparing
literature from different cultural or linguistic traditions?  How
does translation complicate or simplify the comparative study of
literature?  How is comparative literature different from or similar
to the focused study of national literatures?
There will be two in-class exams, a 10 page research  paper as well
as several short writing assignments throughout the semester.  Honor
Students will be required to give one in-class presentation and
review one campus lecture by a professor or visiting scholar.