COLL-E 104 23068 Blacks and Jews in Modern History (Assensoh, A.) (S&H)

Blacks and Jews have a lot in common historically, culturally and otherwise. They are, for example, the two races that have been "uprooted" in a lot of ways, either through enslavement or as a result of Germany's Hitlerite national policy of exterminating Jews from the surface of Europe. Indeed, as much as Jewish and African- American leaders have collaborated in the second phase of the civil rights movement (from the December, 1955 Montgomery Buy Boycott) and during anti-Semite confrontations in America, it certainly took the indefatigable efforts of U.N. Under Secretary Ralph Bunche, an African-American, to help settle Jewish-Palestinian dilemmas in the Middle East, to help bring about equity, peace and tranquility in the area, for which Dr. Bunche received the 1950 Nobel Peace Prize. Today, many people -- Blacks and Whites alike -- seem to have forgotten about the collaborative efforts and, indeed, the similarities in the histories of Blacks and Jews. This course is to invoke those similarities in the lives of Blacks and Jews in modern times.