COLL-E 105 27570 The Human Organism: What, When, Where, Why and How Do We Eat? (Halloran, Schlegel) (N&M) (3 cr.)

This course introduces students to the discipline of Human Biology by examining the relationships among physiology, metabolism, genetics, evolution, physical environment, behavior, and culture as they relate to diet, human health and disease.

The course employs case-based and collaborative approaches to the interdisciplinary study of the biology of the human organism. It emphasizes the scientific method, the culture of science and scientific disciplines, experimental design, and interpretation of results. It embraces uncertainty as a fundamental aspect of scientific inquiry and discovery. Students will work individually and in groups to complete short written assignments, exams and a final project.

Instructors: Professors Vivian Halloran and Whitney Schlegel with support from the Human Biology Faculty Fellows

Monday and Wednesday 2:30 3:45 PM