East Asian Languages and Cultures | Basic Reference Works in Chinese Studies
C511 | 24941 | Bokenkamp

P: Basic reading competence in Classical Chinese (the equivalent of
one year of study) is an absolute prerequisite.  Students should
have earned a B+ grade or better in C507 (formerly C362), or have
permission of the instructor.

This course is intended to acquaint students with the basic
reference tools required to do research on traditional China and to
familiarize them with the IU East Asian Library collection.  We will
also devote time to the discussion of research procedures, and to
the conceptual and formal aspects of preparing research papers.  The
basic goal of the course is to help students feel more at home in
(less threatened by) the field of Asinology,@ to strengthen skills
in the mechanics of research, and to raise awareness of the
problems, tools, and methods of specialists in subfields other than
those in which students have primary experience.

The initial weeks of the course will be devoted to practice using
varieties of dictionaries.  Subsequent course topics will include
bibliographical tools, and tools related to subfields of Chinese
studies, such as literature, history, etc.  Class time will involve
both introducing research tools and improving your ability to read
them.  The text will be the C511 Coursepack, that will be available
at the beginning of the term.