Education | Cultural Research in Indigenous Communities
J760 | 15241 | Yazzie-Mintz

This special topics seminar will focus on educational research
conducted in indigenous communities.  We will begin our inquiry by
developing an understanding of the role and position of the
researcher as “insider” and “outsider” in the process of conducting
educational research – specifically cultural research that shapes
education practice and policy in schools serving indigenous
communities.  Throughout the course we will critically examine the
purpose, methodology, and results of research conducted in these
contexts.  Then we will examine the concept and practice
of “culturally” responsive education within indigenous communities.
As a foundation to our study of curriculum, practice, and research
in indigenous communities, we will read selected historical
research, explore the links between anthropology and education,
examine work in indigenous communities in international contexts,
and analyze theory of educational research.  Finally, our study will
progress to highlight purposeful and important research
opportunities with indigenous educational communities and schools in
the United States.