English | Victorian Literature
L743 | 24485 | Marsh

4:00p – 7:00p R


“Victorian Heretics” explores the intellectual underside of later
Victorian culture through the writings of  a broad range of “other”
Victorians: agnostics, atheists, political misfits, social outcasts,
and sexual rebels.  Topics will include: loss of faith, blasphemy,
obscenity, pornography, censorship, “Naturalism,” and publishing

Texts and authors will include: Mrs. Humphry Ward, Robert Elsmere;
Olive Schreiner, The Story of an African Farm, short stories; Emile
Zola, La terre [The Earth/Soil] (translation; extracts); George
Moore, A Mummer’s Wife, Literature at Nurse; Henrik Ibsen, Ghosts
and Hedda Gabler (translation); George Bernard Shaw, The
Quintessence of Ibsenism and selected plays; Thomas Hardy, Jude the
Obscure, “Candour in English Fiction”; Oscar Wilde, Salome and De
Profundis.  Subsidiary primary texts: Christmas number of The
Freethinker; W.T. Stead, “The Maiden Tribute of Modern Babylon,”
Pall Mall Gazette; Teleny (attrib. Wilde et al).  Secondary reading
will include material by: Michel Foucault, Elaine Showalter, Stephen
Arata, Walter Kendrick, Donald Thomas, Steven Marcus, Roger
Shattuck, John Sutherland, and Oliver Buckton.  Each participant
will present a seminar paper of approximately 20 pp. at the end of
the semester, and will give two presentations, one on a chosen piece
of secondary reading, the other on his or her own project for the