English | Victorian Britain: Culture & Society, 1820-1900
V611 | 24488 | Miller

V611 24488 ANDREW MILLER (#4)
Victorian Britain: Culture & Society, 1820-1900

2:30p – 3:45p TR

This course is, emphatically, a survey: I aim for us to arrive at a
preliminary understanding of the current state of our intersecting
fields, and a hopeful sense of the intriguing, valuable research and
teaching that remains for us to do. (We will be able to spend less
time than I would like on the deep history of Victorian studies). We
will spend a good deal of time analyzing the rhetoric of various
sorts of professional writing--conference proposals, conference
papers, articles.  We’ll also write parodies some of these—a cheap
assignment, yes, but an instructive one too. Among our recurrent
interests will be the relations between the two principal
disciplines of Victorian Studies,  history and literary studies, but
my own proclivities might also lead us to talk about the role of
theory.  Writing assignments will include a conference proposal, an
annotated bibliography, and a conference paper. It is emphatically
open to students from any discipline.