English | Introductory Creative Writing
W103 | 15905 | Maurice Manning

Maurice Manning

15905 	11:15a-12:05p 	M 	(90 students) 3 cr.

Discussion sections:
15906   9:05a-9:55p 	WF 	(13 students)
15907 	10:10a-11:00a 	WF 	(13 students)
24430	10:10a-11:00a 	WF 	(13 students)
15908 	11:15a-12:05p 	WF 	(13 students)
15909 	11:15a-12:05p 	WF 	(13 students)
15910 	12:20p-1:10p 	WF 	(13 students)
15911 	12:20p-1:10p 	WF 	(12 students)

This course will be just what its title implies, an introduction to
the craft of writing fiction and poetry.  Students will read a wide
range of short stories and poems; we'll get familiar with basic
literary terms, and closely examine the varying designs of literary
structure. There will be weekly in-class writing exercises and small
group workshops where students share their creative endeavors with
their peers.  All students will write multiple drafts of one short
story and several poems to demonstrate the hard work necessary to
write well, and the value of revision.  Final grades will be
determined by a portfolio which will include one short story (15-
page minimum) and five poems.  Faithful attendance and eager
participation are absolute requirements for this course.