English | Projects in Reading & Writing: The Monster Show: Cultural Anxieties in the Horror Genre
W170 | 16039 | Baumann/Sartain

•	16039		10:10-11:00a	MWF		WH 006
•	27432		2:30-3:20p	MWF		PY 113
•	27433		1:25-2:15p	MWF		PY 113
In this course, students will develop critical reading and
analytical writing skills through the exploration of the horror
genre. More specifically, the texts which will provide the material
for analysis will all deal with representations of monsters such as
vampires, werewolves, and zombies. We will examine written and
visual texts to ask how horror allows our culture to deal with its
oft-unspoken fears about gender, sexuality, race, and class.
Throughout the semester, we will ponder the genre’s potential to
affect social change; does horror generally uphold the current
social order and perpetuate stereotypes and cultural myths or does
in contain the possibility of social critique and change? Students
will investigate these problems through analytical, argumentative
academic essays which examine “monster shows” through the lens of
social issues.