English | Projects in Reading & Writing: The Growth of a Hero: Heroism in Modern Fantasy
W170 | 16041 | Hartman

•	16041		11:15-12:05p	MWF		WH 114
In many ways, the backbone of fantasy literature is its hero – a
reflection of the medieval hero who embodies chivalry, bravery, and
nobility.  But this hero is anything but static.  In this course we
will trace the evolution of the fantasy hero, from Conan and other
heroes in the pulp fiction of the thirties and forties, through
their representations in modern literature by authors such as George
R. R. Martin and Tamora Pierce, and in feature films.  We will
examine how these heroes have grown to encompass fantasy’s changing
audience, and how they remain the embodiment of the heroic
characteristics that make them fun to admire.