English | Projects in Reading & Writing: That's My Mama!: 20th Century Representations of Single Motherhood in the U.S.
W170 | 16045 | McDaniel

•	16045		4:00-5:15p	TR		WH 006
What images emerge when we hear the words “single mother”?  And when
we place adjectives such as “white,” “minority,” “poor,” “middle-
class” “gay,” “working,” or even “sexually active” in front of those
two words, how might the constructed representations change, and
why?  Finally, how do specific historical and political moments in
our semi-recent culture (e.g. the cold war, second-wave feminism,
9/11) shape or influence those representations?  Restricting our
analytical focus to American culture within the last century, this
writing class will attempt to explore and respond to these questions
and many more.  As we examine a variety of sources – including
fiction, several feature films, essays from diverse academic
disciplines, episodic television, and advertisements – this course
will require active engagement in course material through class
discussion, a reading journal, four papers of varying length
(starting with a 2 page essay, culminating with a 7-8 page formal
paper), and possibly, brief group presentations.  In other words, as
we interrogate how concepts such as race, class, sexuality, and
history locate themselves into what is culturally depicted as the
American “single mother,” we will also concentrate on college-level
(critical) writing and thinking skills that should benefit students
throughout their academic careers.