English | Projects in Reading & Writing: Animal Rights and Human Plights: Race, Gender, and Speciesism in Contemporary American Culture
W170 | 27412 | Kendall

•	27412		1:25-2:15p	MWF		SY 106
Since philosopher Peter Singer first coined the word “speciesism” in
1979, a number of thinkers have proposed that speciesism interacts
with other “-isms” – most notably, with racism and sexism.  This
course will explore the ways in which human attitudes of prejudice
toward nonhuman animals seep into representations of race and gender
in contemporary American culture.  Writing assignments will invite
students to critically examine the “animalization” of humans in
advertising and other media, and to investigate the extent to which
animals themselves are stereotyped in a variety of media,
including “extreme” nature programs like Animal Face-Off and films
like Jurassic Park.  Students committed to animal-rights advocacy
should be aware that, although we will take speciesism seriously, we
will question the validity and effectiveness of speaking of “rights”
for animals.