English | Projects in Reading & Writing: Queer "I's"
W170 | 27429 | Stockton

•	27429		4:00-5:15 p	TR		JH A107
This composition course focuses on the representational politics of
queer (or GLBT) identity. We live in an age of increasing queer
visibility, with the pronounced representation of queer people on
film and television, and surging political debates about gay
marriage. Yet many scholars argue that this same regime of
visibility actually invents new stereotypes – new “closets” – for
queer people to inhabit. We will explore this tension between
visibility and the closet through both readings and films. (This
class will require outside viewings.) We will engage with
constructions of the family and “family values,” with
representations of disease (HIV/AIDS), and with the historical /
psychological origins of some of our most recurrent queer
stereotypes (the homosexual mama’s boy, for example). Most of all,
students should expect challenging reading and writing assignments
aimed at developing their analytical skills. This course will also
integrate instruction in writing mechanics (grammar, syntax, and