English | The Craft of Poetry
W383 | 24435 | Catherine Bowman

Catherine Bowman

2:30p-3:45p MW (15 students) 3 cr.

PREREQUISITE:  W203, W303, or permission of the instructor.

This course will experiment with the forms of poetry.  We’ll start
the semester looking at the music-making, bodily aspects of the
poem, exploring its roots in dance and song.  We’ll scan poems and
learn about rhythm, meter, and rhyme.  Next we’ll experiment with
traditional verse structures and stanza forms, and rhetoric.  We
will attend to prosody, or “the meaning of form.”  After trying out
traditional verse forms – such as sonnets, blues poems, terza rima,
and villanelle, we will venture into the worlds of “the poetic line”
after free verse.  We will also write poems that make use of
contemporary non-literary forms.  Some memorization will be
required.  Rather than write papers, we’ll write poems and do weekly
exercises.  We will read several essays. I’ll also assign an
anthology of poetry.