English | Writing Fiction
W511 | 24476 | Wilkinson

5:45p – 8:30p W


This course is specifically designed for graduate students who are
interested in writing fiction but who are not presently enrolled in
the MFA Program in fiction.  This course is open to students
currently enrolled in the MFA Program in poetry, graduate students
working toward an M.A. or Ph.D. in English, and graduate students
outside the English department.

As a graduate-level introductory course on writing fiction, students
will write and workshop at least three new stories of some length
(10-15 page minimum).  We will also read and discuss several
contemporary stories, and write at least three short (2-3 pages)
critical responses.  The readings will include an on-line course
packet at the core of which will be an eclectic cultural and
structural mix.

Admission into this course is by permission of the instructor.
Interested students outside the MFA program should submit a sample
of their fiction (10-15 pages) along with their name, email address,
and a description of their current interests and previous experience
in writing fiction to the instructor’s mailbox in Ballantine Hall
442.  Students presently enrolled in the graduate program in poetry
will be automatically accepted, but should register in advance.  Any
remaining openings may be given to qualified applicants from outside
the program.  Interested students should contact the instructor by
leaving her a note in the English department (BH 442) or via email
at crwilkin@indiana.edu.