Fine Arts | Ancient to Medieval Art
A101 | 16110 | Reilly

This survey course will examine the history of the visual arts in
the Western world from the Ancient Near East and Egypt to the end of
the Gothic era (ca. 1400).  While the course will focus primarily on
developments in the “major arts” of architecture, sculpture and
painting, we sill also look at the so-called “minor arts” (ceramics,
small-scale metalwork, textiles, etc.) in order to understand how
they fit into the ancient and medieval artistic repertoire.  In
lecture and discussion sessions, we will approach the works of art
with two specific goals in mind:  1)  to understand the buildings
and artworks in terms of their formal structure, artistic
innovations and stylistic development, and 2) to set these artworks
into their specific historical and social contexts in order to
understand better how the people of different societies lived and
perceived the world around them
	This course requires 1 discussion section.