Fine Arts | Archaic and Classical Greek Sculpture (Topics in Ancient Art)(GR)
A410 | 26951 | Glowacki

This course is a chronological survey of Greek sculpture in the
Archaic and Classical periods, ca. 650-330 B.C.  Topics include the
origins and techniques of Greek sculpture, including inspirations
from the Aegean Bronze Age, Egypt, and the Near East; free-standing,
relief, and architectural sculpture in religious, funerary, and
public contexts; lost "masterpieces" of ancient Greek art and the
problems involved in using Roman copies to reconstruct the art
history and individual styles of Greek sculptors.  Special attention
will be given to the purpose, setting, and function of Greek
sculpture as a form of art, its relation to other arts, and its
place in archaeological research.  Textbooks will be available at
the Friends of Art Bookstore in the Fine Arts building. This course
meets with CLAS C875.
This section is for graduate students only.