Fine Arts | Revitalizing Aesthetics
A650 | 24874 | McNaughton

AESTHETICS—a quagmire of scholarly and popular interpretations and a
potential cornucopia for understanding artworks and their place in
society. In this seminar we will explore aesthetics as
conceptualizations and processes for managing and understanding
form, as strategies for articulating material, conceptual,
emotional, and social resources into configurations (compositions)
that can generate potent affect in people, making art influential,
contemplative, and catalytic.  That gives art big shoes to wear in
the world, and gives art history a strong mandate to explore the
power of art.  Our goal is to find the power in AESTHETICS.

PREREQUISITES--Any art history graduate student, from any area.
Undergrads & grads from other areas need consent of instructor.

REQUIREMENTS--Do the readings, participate in seminar discussions, &
write a paper on the topic & the area of your choice, using
aesthetics as your major theme & analytical instrument.