Fine Arts | Persian Painting (Problems in Islamic Art)
A667 | 26934 | Gruber

Requirements: None. However, preference will be given to students
who have taken the Survey of Islamic Art.
	This seminar focuses on the history of the Islamic book and
painting from the earliest extant manuscripts dating  from the
period of the Mongol invasions (1250) to the modern period in the
area known as Persia (greater Iran). Many  paintings  were made to
accompany  royal manuscripts or were produced in books meant for
sale and export, while others were used in oral practices of
storytelling or for political  propaganda.  The auxiliary trades of
painting and the arts of the book came to fruition over the
centuries: for this reason, a large number of treatises on
calligraphers, painters, and book production techniques survive as
well.  These primary sources highlight  how  patrons and  artists
worked  together  either  through a market or court-sponsored

Topics that  will be considered  include the  development  of
Islamic painting, patronage, manufacture, styles and models, the
book atelier (kitabkhana), and artistic transmission.