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F101 Fundamental Studio 3-D

This is a general description based on an academic year semester.
It is intended as a guide.  Your instructor will provide you with
specific course requirements.

This course is an introduction to three dimensional (3D) form and
space, and their interrelation with structure, materials, and
expression in all the three dimensional visual arts.  It is a
prerequisite to any other 3D studio course and is part of the
required Fundamental Studio program for all art majors.

Important areas of study include: line, plane, volume, geometric and
organic form, utilitarian and sculptural design, additive and
subtractive processes in various materials.

The goal of the course is to develop basic vocabulary and skills
needed in future studio work in art or in a better understanding of
the manmade world.

Attendance is absolutely mandatory!

A lab fee is charged.  Visit for
fee details.