Folklore | Fieldwork in Folklore
F523 | 16347 | Johnson

This course is designed to give beginning folklorists a mixture of
theoretical information about how to conduct fieldwork and practical
experience in actually doing fieldwork.  Unit 1 will consist of
several essential points on the basic theoretics of the fieldwork
experience.  Unit II will seek to prepare students for the field and
will include the topic of getting along in the library.  Research
costs money and no project preparation is complete until money is
secured.  Thus, this unit will also deal with methods of acquiring
funding and writing grants.  Unit III will deal with the actual work
in the field and the various methods that may be employed, such as
interviewing, observing performance, using questionnaires, analyzing
printed sources, and the like.  Dealing with the collected data is
the concern of Unit IV and will consist of lectures on analysis,
utilizing card files, taking notes from resource books, synthesizing
data, and "writing up" results.  Unit V will consist of discussions
on publishing research results, while Unit VI will attempt to prepare
students for presenting papers at nationally organized conferences.