Folklore | Personal Narrative
F545 | 24910 | Dolby

In this seminar we shall review some of the literature that has
brought the personal narrative into the purview of folklore studies;
examine some of the sub-genres of verbal and written storytelling
that are often considered examples of personal narrative; discuss
analytical perspectives that have been applied in the study of
personal narrative; and identify some of the compelling issues
currently emerging from the study of personal narrative, especially
within the field of folklore studies.  Students will be encouraged to
do some fieldwork in support of some of the minor assignments in the
course.  The primary requirement (besides the required reading and
class participation) will be a research paper.

Significant articles will be available through e-reserve.  Books
ordered for the class include:  Story, Performance, and Event;
Literary Folkloristics and the Personal Narrative; The Terror That
Comes in the Night; On Being Human; A Celebration of Family Folklore;
and Finding Flow.