Folklore | Black Popular Music
F609 | 24911 | Maultsby

An examination of African American popular music genres from 1945 to
2000óR&B, soul, funk, disco, hip-hop and their derivative forms.
Organized topically, this course will explore a range of social,
cultural, economic, and political issues that underscore the
existence of this music as a black cultural product (its creation for
the consumption of black people and reflective of black cultural
values and traditions) and its transformation into a mass marketed
commodity for mainstream and global consumption.  Topics and related
theories to be explored include: creative processes; aesthetics of
style; musical appropriation, transformation and representation; and
cross-cultural marketing and reception. Central themes to be
addressed are issues of race and culture, class, identity,
authenticity, ownership, multiple levels of meaning, and the
political economy of black music.