French and Italian | ROMAN ET POESIE
F306 | 16397 | Panaite, Oana

The course focuses on the study of French narrative and poetry,
emphasizing the relation between literary texts and their
intellectual context. Students will have the opportunity to improve
their reading comprehension, along with their speaking and written
proficiency in French. The reading list includes two novels, Un
barrage contre le Pacifique by Marguerite Duras and Tous les
matins du monde by Pascal Quignard, and a representative series
of poems from Guillaume de Machaut to Apollinaire. Taught in French.
Final grades are based on: presence and active participation in
class (20%), mid-term examination (25%), individual oral
presentation (25%), final research paper (30%). Prerequisite is F300
or equivalent; fulfills A&H requirement.