French and Italian | Seminar in Modern Italian Literature
M605 | 21878 | Ciccarelli, Andrea

"Poetiche del Novecento: ironia e negazione." In this course we will
examine the poetic development of four major poets, Gozzano,
Montale, Luzi, Caproni. We will analyze both their response to the
preceding tradition and trends as well as their role in the
formation of the Italian twentieth-century lyric tradition. We will
also read texts from other authors (Sereni, Pasolini, Fortini, etc.)
who have somewhat participated in the poetic and critical debates
which surrounded the production of the above mentioned poets.

Class will be in Italian. Requisites: One research paper, one review
of a book from a list attached to the syllabus, one oral
presentation of 20 minutes in class, and class participation.