Germanic Languages | Tradition & Innovation in German Literature
G255 | 24946 | Weiner

Tradition & Innovation in German Literature (3 cr.)
Professor Marc Weiner
Office: BH 668
Tel. 5-2033;

The course provides an introduction to major literary works of
German-speaking Europe from the late 18th-century Sturm und Drang to
the present, post-unification era.  Through analysis of diverse
genres—poetry, short story, novella, drama, music drama, novel, and
film script—the course also familiarizes students with various methods
and complexities of literary interpretation.

All texts will be read in English translation.  No knowledge of German
is required.  No credit given in Germanic Studies.  The course counts
toward the College's distribution requirement in Arts and Humanities.

Participation (not mere attendance) is essential to the class being
successful; there will be a midterm and a final exam.  Grades will be
computed as follows: participation = 50%; midterm exam = 25%; final
exam = 25%.

Required Texts

Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von.  The Sorrows of Young Werther.
Trans. Catherine Hutter.
Signer Classics, 1962.
ISBN 0451523032

Heine, Heinrich.  Heinrich Heine.
Everyman Paperback Classic, 1977.
ISBN 0460878654

Hoffmann, E. T. A.  The Best Tales of Hoffmann.
Dover, 1963.
ISBN 0486217930

Kafka, Franz.  The Metamorphosis and Other Stories.
Dover, 1996.
ISBN 0486290301

Kleist, Heinrich von.  The Marquise of O. and Other Stories.
Penguin, 1978.
ISBN 0140443592

Mann, Thomas.  Death in Venice and Other Stories by Thomas Mann.
Bantam, 1988.
ISBN 0553213334

Schnitzler, Arthur.  Round Dance and Other Plays.
Oxford University Press, 2004.
ISBN 0192804596

Schulze, Ingo.  Simple Stories.
Vintage, 2002.
ISBN 0375705120

Wagner, Richard.  Tristan and Isolde.
English National Opera Guide, 6.
Calder, 1982
ISBN 0174538493