Germanic Languages | Intro to German Literature - Themes
G306 | 16591 | Lawson

G306  Fall 2005
Intro to German Literature:  Themes

Topic:  Portrait of the Artist

Prerequisite:  G300 with a minimum grade of C-.  Recommended: G330

Course description:
The artist, writer, or musician as a literary figure is a theme with
deep roots in the traditions of German speaking countries.  Such
figures are always famliar to us, but often very different from us.
Many and various generations of readers and theater goers have been
asked to admire, to tolerate, and even to despise them.   We will read
three hallmark examples of the literary artist writing about his own
kind in different periods , and through these we will explore how the
artist views himself and his craft.   By reading additional shorter
texts and exerpts of texts, we will also make one or two forays into
the question of how society views the artists.   The readings will be
in German and the course will be conducted in German, with the
understanding that students need guidance in developing proficiency in
all skills.

Required texts:
Franz Grillparzer, Der arme Spielman  [Reclam edition ISBN 3150044308]
Thomas Mann, Tonio Kröger  [Fischer Verlag  ISBN 3596213819]
Rainer Maria Rilke, Die Aufzeichnungen des Malte Laurids Brigge
[dtv  ISBN 3423026197]
plus additional readings to be provided