Germanic Languages | Old Saxon
G639 | 25005 | Kari Gade

MW 2:30-3:45

The purpose of the course is to study Old Saxon as a West Germanic
dialect; that is, with emphasis on its relations to the Old High
German and Old English dialects. The readings will mainly be from
Heliand and Genesis, and special attention will be given to problems
of manuscript transmission, ‘Heimat des Dichters’, and dialect
mixture. Discussions of Old Saxon linguistic peculiarities (phonology,
morphology) will be held within a comparative frame (Old High German,
Old English, Old Norse, Gothic) in conjunction with the translations
(as the features emerge in the texts).
Your grade will be based on class participation, a written midterm, a
final, and an oral presentation. By midterm time you should have
decided on your topic. Please see me for approval.