Germanic Languages | Dutch Reading, Compostion & Conversation
N250 | 16621 | Ham

N250/N404:Dutch Reading Composition & Conversation II (3cr)

Prerequisite:  N250/N403 or permission of the instructor

Throughout the second semester we will concentrate on three topics:
1 Short stories from the Netherlands,  Indonesia, the Caribbean, South
Africa plus an short introduction to colonial history and the
influence of the Netherlands and Dutch in other parts of the world;
2 Dutch and Belgian short videos: documentaries, television series and
3 Short survey of Dutch literary history: main genre = poetry.

The skills focused on in the 4th semester are: perfection of speaking,
grammar and writing.  The films and television series will help your
listening comprehension of the native language spoken in a natural
environment.  Oral skills will be enhanced by active participation in
discussions and by presenting two main projects in class and smaller
ones throughout the semester. Special time will be set aside to
incorporate special interests of students in the class.

E.Ham et al., Help! 2 Helpt u mij even?
Publisher: Nederlands Centrum Buitenlanders, Utrecht
Edition 2001, ISBN 90 5517 131 X

Any 2-volume dictionaries (English-Dutch and Dutch-English)
Kramers English - Dutch 9068822675
Dutch  English 906882273 X