Germanic Languages | Topics in Yiddish Literature
Y505 | 16628 | Dov-Ber Kerler

Topic: Selected Readings in 20th century Yiddish literature: Fiction,
Drama, Poetry (in English translation)

This course will explore some of the major themes and genres of 20th
century Yiddish fiction and poetry. It will focus on a close reading
and analysis of a selection of Yiddish literary works in English
translation with particular attention to their historical, cultural,
and political contexts. Translations of literary works will include
selections from modern poetry, short stories, and novellas as well as
samples of plays. Topics for extensive discussion in this course will
deal, among others, with the nature of "fiction" vis a vis "reality,"
the various "functions" of literature, the different centers of 20th
century literary creativity, and the problems of translating a
literary work from Yiddish into English.
Required texts: Specially prepared collection of selected texts and
Course requirements: Regular attendance and active participation in
class discussions, three short papers