Global Village Living-Learning Center | Representations of the Global AIDS/HIV Pandemic
G110 | 25055 | Chamberlain, Ed

Since the AIDS/HIV pandemic appeared in the early 1980s, various
peoples have voiced fear, revulsion, anger uncertainty and concerns
for moral conduct. Scientists estimate that by the year 2015, over
125 million people across the globe will have been infected with
HIV. The U.S.’s Centers for Disease Control estimates that over
1,000,000 American citizens and residents are HIV+. Numerous
governments have drafted AIDS-related laws, hypothesized the idea of
quarantining people living with AIDS, updated documents like the
American Disabilities Act, and responded to the activism of groups
like the U.S.’s ACT-UP and BAM! As a counter-response the popular
cultures’ views of AIDS/HIV—the mediums of film, literature,
advertising, performance art and artworks have reflected upon the
burgeoning AIDS/HIV. In these depictions we see that AIDS/HIV is not
only a science-based issue; but rather, the various forms of
writing, legal data and representation that convey reactions about
AIDS—show how humanity has greatly “changed” as a result of this
social calamity. Thus, it is these social changes and the agitated
politics of HIV transmission that will remain at the core of our
class debates for the semester.