Global Village Living-Learning Center | As the World Turns: World Affairs and the National Media
G120 | 25059 | Herb Terry

This seminar will simultaneously explore two things; contemporary
international affairs and how media (especially electronic media)
differ across nations. At the start of the semester, we’ll (1)
identify five or six “big issues” that we’d expect will be
significant for the following four or five months (for example,
developments in Iraq) and (2) determine countries that are of
special interest to class participants (and for which, perhaps, they
have useful foreign language skills). During the semester, we’ll
track the identified issues (and probably others) in U.S. electronic
and print media that cover international affairs and individual
class members will track those issues in the media of their country.
This will permit us, through the semester, to consider how and why
coverage of international affairs varies across national media
systems. Look at the class as one where you’ll combine learning
about contemporary world events with learning about the national
(and transnational – like the Internet) media that bring us
information about them.