Global Village Living-Learning Center | Islam and its Manifestations in the Modern World
G210 | 26996 | Jomaa, Katrin

This course is designed for students with a general interest in the
Islamic world, religion and/or history. The first part of the course
presents the basic tenets of Islam and its manifestations in
practices, rituals and cultural values, thus supplying students with
the fundamental basics necessary to understand the peoples and
cultures of the Middle East and other Muslim countries. After
establishing that base, we will move to the second part of the
course, which discusses current issues and concerns of Muslims and
non-Muslims regarding the interaction of the Islamic world or
thought with the West or modernity in this era of globalization. We
will examine how Muslim intellectuals have engaged with modernity
and what are its challenges to the Muslim world. At the same time,
regarding recent events in the political arena, we will look at the
reactions of developing countries against hegemony of the west. By
doing so, students will have a wider scope for understanding the
interaction between the East and West than that propagated by the