Spanish and Portuguese | Luso-Brazilian Colloquia
P695 | 25052 | D. Sadlier

Professor Darlene Sadlier

P695	Luso-Brazilian Colloquia
	Topic: African Literature in Portuguese

T 4:00pm – 6:30pm/class# 25052/3cr./Room TBA

This course will introduce students to representative authors from
Lusophone Africa. Discussions will focus on topics such as the
relationship between oral culture and the written word; colonial and
postcolonial attitudes toward race and social class; and gender
issues. Primary readings include novels, poetry and short fiction.

Tentative List of Readings:

José Eduardo Agualusa, "Nação Crioula"
Mia Couto, "O Último Vôo do Flamingo"
Pepetela, "O Desejo de Kianda"
Lília Momplé, "Neighbours"
Luís Bernardo Honwana, "Nós Matamos o Cão-Tinhoso" (selection)
Alda do Espírito Santo, "É Nosso o Solo Sangrado da Terra" (poetry
Germano Almeida, "Estórias Contadas" (selection)

All students will write a final exam. Undergraduate students will
write two short papers on readings. Graduate students will produce
an annotated bibliography and write a research paper (12-15pp) on a
topic to be discussed with the instructor.

This course meets jointly with P495.