Spanish and Portuguese | Elementary Spanish I
S100 | 16709 | Staff

HISP-S 100 Elementary Spanish I (4 credits)
BY PERMISSION ONLY; e-mail and list your two
top, class number preferences.

This course features a four skills approach to Spanish with an
emphasis on critical thinking skills. Grading is based on unit
exams, an oral exam, homework, participation, attendance, and a
cumulative final exam. Students can expect to practice speaking in
small groups in class, and read about and discuss materials in
Spanish. Next course in the sequence for these students would be
HISP-S 150.  See Schedule of Classes on Onestart for class numbers,
times, days, and rooms.

Note:  Due to the new Onestart system a student wishing to enroll in
HISP-S 100 must e-mail and list two class
numbers that are his/her top preferences.  Since this system only
does permissions by class-specific detail, we will only enter two
permissions per student.