Spanish and Portuguese | Spanish Grammar and Composition
S310 | 16831-16843 | Staff

HISP-S 310 Spanish Grammar and Composition (3 credits)
Prerequisite:  S275 or equivalent

This course integrates the four basic language skills into both a
review of the major points of Spanish grammar and a structured
approach to composition.  Course work will combine grammar exercises
with the writing of compositions of increasing length and

S310 #16831  9:05A-9:55A MWF  BH 016  Professor Terri Greenslade
S310 #16837 10:10A-11:00A MWF BH 135  Professor Óscar Robles
S310 #16832 11:15A-12:05P MWF BH 322  Professor Óscar Robles
S319 #16833  2:30P-3:20P  MWF BH 142  Professor Alejandro Mejías-
S310 #16834 11:15A-12:05P MWF FQ 012B  STAFF
NOTE: Class #16834 will be offered in the Global Village.

S310 #16835 AUTH 9:30A-10:45A TR BH 241 Professor Silvana Falconi
Above section #16835 open to Honors Students only - See Honors
College for on-line permission.  Above section meets with another
HISP-S 310 section.

S310 #16836     9:30A-10:45A  TR  BH 241 Professor Silvana Falconi
Above section #16836 meets with the HISP-S 310 Honors section
#16835. This class will be geared toward honors students.

S310 #16840      2:30P-3:45P  TR  BH 222 Professor Greg Schelonka
S310 #16838      9:30A-10:45A TR  BH 337 Professor Greg Schelonka
S310 #16843	 4:40P-5:30P  MWR BH 336 STAFF
S310 #16841      2:30P-3:45P  TR  BH 231 Professor Emily Maguire