Spanish and Portuguese | Spanish in the Business World
S315 | 16848-16849 | Professor Reyes Vila-Belda

HISP-S 315  Spanish in the Business World  (3 credits)
Prerequisite:  S310 or equivalent

This course will focus on language learning, cultural practices and
protocol that are particular to Spanish in the business context. It
is aimed towards students who want to use their written and spoken
skills of the Spanish language in their professions. Students will
examine and write a wide range of materials (letters, job
descriptions, advertisements, bank documents, import-export
documents, etc.), practice oral business situations, and develop the
ability to translate both from and to Spanish.  Great emphasis is
placed on vocabulary building as well as on cultural readings of the
Hispanic business world. There are two exams, several written
assignments, oral presentations, and a final exam.

S315 #16848  11:15A-12:05P MWF  BH 321	Professor Reyes Vila-Belda
S315 #16849  Cancelled