Spanish and Portuguese | Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics
S326 | 16852-16853 | Professor Terri Greenslade

HISP-S 326 Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics  (3 credits)
Prerequisite: S310 or equivalent.

This course introduces the basic concepts of linguistics as applied
to the Spanish language and establishes a foundation for future
courses in Spanish linguistics.  The course surveys the linguistic
components of Spanish, including phonetics and phonology,
morphology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics. Additional
introductory material on historical linguistics, second language
acquisition, language variation, and languages in contact is
included.   Note: This course carries N & M credit.

S326  #16852 10:10A-11:00A  MWF BH 321	Professor Terri Greenslade
S326  #16853 12:20P-1:10P   MWF	BH 011	Professor Terri Greenslade
Note to majors who matriculated prior to Fall 2003:  S326 can
fulfill the 400-level linguistics requirement.