Spanish and Portuguese | SPAIN: The Cultural Context
S411 | 16869 | Professor Juan Carlos Conde

HISP-S 411 SPAIN: The Cultural Context (3 credits)        CULTURE
Prerequisite: S275 or equivalent for those students who matriculated
prior to Fall 2001.
S331 or equivalent for those students who matriculated Fall 2001 or

SUBTITLE: España, o la construcción conflictiva de una identidad

This course invites the students to examine the different factors
that have built, over the years, the cultural identity of the
country called Spain, and the struggles and crises that the process
of cultural construction have presented over the centuries.
Throughout the course, we will examine the different historical,
social, political, cultural, linguistic, religious, and ethnic
factors that contribute to shaping the cultural identity of present-
day Spain.

Class discussion and assignments will be in Spanish.  The final
grade will be based on a midterm, a final exam and a number of small
papers. Course evaluation will be also based on class participation
and discussion.

This course carries Culture Studies credit and is highly recommended
for students who plan to go on the Overseas Studies Madrid Academic
Year program.

S411 #16869  9:05A-9:55A  MWF  BH 321  Professor Juan Carlos Conde