Spanish and Portuguese | Acquisition of Spanish as a Second Language
S515 | 25062 | K. Geeslin

Professor Kimberly Geeslin

S515	Acquisition of Spanish as a Second Language

MW 2:30pm  3:45pm/class# 25062/3cr./Ballantine 011

This course provides an introduction to the wealth of empirical
research focusing on the acquisition of Spanish as a second
language. Being introductory, the course begins with an analysis of
early research on error analysis and traces the development of
second language acquisition theory through the morpheme acquisition
studies, studies on Interlanguage development and research on
language processing (input and output). In addition to answering the
question, How has the field of Spanish second language acquisition
developed and evolved over the years, this course focuses on the
paths of acquisition of non-native linguistic systems. In order to
address both progress in second language acquisition theory, and the
current knowledge of the development of non-native Spanish, this
course is organized according to grammatical topics that have been
identified as particular challenges for English-speakers. Each
individual construct is analyzed in terms of its historical context
and contemporary findings.


Daily preparation and active participation in class discussions will
be an essential component of this course. Students will complete
graded homework Assignments and class presentations, organized
around the primary themes of the course, requiring synthesis of
course discussions and class readings and application of theoretical
constructs to the study of second language acquisition data. There
will be two exams, a final project and a presentation of that
project to the class at the end of the semester.