History | History of Mexican Americans
A300 | 16878 | Nieto Phillips

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Latinos comprise 14 percent of the United States population, a
percentage that is expected to continue rising.  By 2050, 1-in-4
U.S. residents will be a Latina or Latino.  This course will focus
on the origins and history of the largest Latino group, Mexican
Americans.  By way of lectures, recent scholarship, historical
documents, group discussions, and films, we will examine the wide-
ranging life experiences of Mexican American men and women, paying
special attention to themes of migration, education, language,
culture, political engagement, gender, race and ethnic identity.
Our aim is to understand how everyday people engaged the world
around them, made choices, and responded to challenges—and in so
doing influenced U.S. history and society.  This course will require
significant amounts of reading (involving five texts and a few short
articles) as well as considerable writing (an essay midterm, book
analysis and term paper).  Students interested in a unique and
enriching experience can opt to enroll in a Service Learning section
which will engage students in a volunteer program working with
Latino families.  This section is offered by the Indiana University
Community Outreach and Partnerships in Service-Learning (COPSL).
For more information about Service Learning opportunities, see