History | Survey of American Indians II
A311 | 24642 | Bieder

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The course, Survey of American Indians II, begins in the 1870s, at
the end of the treaty period, and concludes with the problems of
today.  It continues the cultural stories of North American tribal
people begun in A310.  This lecture/discussion course will focus on
several government issues including:  reservation life, “Red
Progressives”, 1930s depression on reservations, and government
programs of relocation and termination.  It will also focus on
contemporary social, economic, political, legal and environmental
problems.  Grades will be determined from biweekly quizzes,
participation, and a midterm and final exam.  Readings will be drawn
from the following works:  A.M. Josephy, Jr., “Now that the
Buffalo’s Gone”; W. LaDuke, “All Our Relations”; N. Scott
Momaday, “House Made of Dawn”; and J.S. Olson and R. Wilson, “Native
Americans in the Twentieth Century.”