History | Medieval Heroes
B204 | 24697 | Deliyannis

Above section fulfills the College Topics Requirement

A society's heroes, real or fictional, can tell you a lot about that
society (think about who our heroes are in modern America).  So
heroes are a great way to learn about past societies.  This course
is an introduction to the history of the Middle Ages in western
Europe through its heroes (and villains).  What made people heroes
(or villains) in the Middle Ages? Who can be a hero?  Who can become
a heroine?  How did changes in medieval society create changes in
people's thinking about heroes?  And how do modern people see these
medieval heroes?

There will be a textbook that provides an outline of medieval
history, but the main focus will be on the primary source readings.
We will read historical texts, saints' lives, epic poems, Arthurian
romances, in order to understand who the heroes were, and how they
were presented to people in society.  We will focus on the heroic
qualities that people admired, and discuss how they changed between
300 and 1500 AD.

This class consists of two lectures a week, plus a discussion
section. There will be short written assignments on the readings,
and participation in discussion will be an important part of the
class grade.  In addition to the written assignments, there will be
a midterm and a final exam.