History | History of Western Africa
E534 | 24722 | Brooks

E534 studies Africa west of the Niger bend and Bandama River.
Topics covered in the first part of the course include climate and
ecological changes from c.10000 B.C. to the present; the development
of agriculture and the spread of pastoralism; the expansion of trade
networks linking ecological zones and the Atlantic littoral; and the
empires of Ghana, Takrur, and Mali.  The second part of the course
discusses the consequences of European trade along the coast and
rivers of western Africa; reciprocities between African “landlords”
and European “strangers”; Eurafricans; the Cabo Verde archipelago-
western Africa nexus; and the spread of Islam and the founding of
theocratic states.  The last part of the course covers European
conquest and colonial rule; the integration of western Africa into
the world-economy; European social and cultural influences;
independence movements; and contemporary inter-state and
international relationships.

Assignments are on UGL Reserve.  There will be a practice map quiz,
two “mini-exams”, a mid-term examination and a final examination.