History | Colonial Encounters
H795 | 24808 | Hanson

A portion of the above section reserved for majors

Course Description and Aims:
How did Africans live and work in societies in which European
colonial rule shaped the context?  In seeking to answer this
question, historians of Africa have had to devise creative ways to
hear and interpret African voices and perspectives on the past. This
seminar focuses on understanding colonial encounters in Africa. The
initial sessions introduce students to the results of historical
research on this topic; subsequent sessions focus on the aims and
methods of archival and oral research into colonial encounters on the
African continent.

Course Requirements:
Students majoring in African history must write a seminar paper
based, if at all possible, on research with ‘primary’ source
materials. Students pursuing an African Studies or African history
minor must read extensively and write short interpretive papers and
one longer analysis of a topic related to their own research or
teaching interests in Africa. Throughout the course, students should
be willing to share the results of their on-going research.