History | American Countercultures
J300 | 16995 | Andrews

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Throughout American history there have been groups of individuals
who challenged, attacked, or abandoned what they saw as “mainstream”
culture. These groups formed their own communities and offered their
own vision of a better society. This course will explore many of
these groups, including religious and communal movements,
intellectual circles like the Transcendentalists and New York
bohemians, and the political and social countercultures of modern
America. Using secondary and primary sources, this seminar and
discussion class will attempt to understand and explain why these
movements emerged, what drove their advocates, and how they were
received in popular culture. The class will also investigate what
countercultures and subcultures tell us about American society. This
course demands a large amount of reading (almost a book a week) and
class participation is a key component of the class. Finally, this
class also requires both weekly response papers and a final paper.