History | Music and Politics in African History
J400 | 17001 | Moorman

J400:  P- HIST-J 300
Above section open to majors only
Above section open to undergraduates only

Can fun be subversive?  Can entertainment be politically
meaningful?  There are two of the main questions that will drive our
inquiry.  In this course we will look at the relationship between
music and politics in various countries on the African continent.
The course addresses various periods in the continentís history but
puts a particular emphasis on the colonial and post-colonial
periods.  We will examine the relationship between music and
politics in scholarly works, primary texts, and through audio-visual

This seminar aims to help students further develop historical
research skills.  A central focus of this class will therefore be
the production of an original research paper.  Students will learn
how to find and define a problem of study, undertake bibliographic
research, think through and apply appropriate methodologies, collect
and interpret data and write cogently and persuasively.  Students
will also work to refine their reading skills and critical
thinking.  Throughout the process of research and writing, students
will have one-on-one interaction with the instructor.