History | Drugs and Spices, 1400-1900
J400 | 26837 | Carmichael

Above section open to majors only
Above section open to undergraduates only

This course is a senior research seminar, requiring informed
discussion and the completion of a written research project.  The
course is designed in a global history context, and focused around
foods, drugs and other commodities that become the object of long-
distance trade in the early modern world.  Individual research
projects must stay within these temporal boundaries.  We will begin
with three required books.  Collectively this class has a second
project or goal.  The class will divide into groups that delve into
further research on particularly vivid stories (of cinchona, bark,
coffee, tobacco, peppers, chocolate, and so forth).  The groups will
also be responsible for developing an historical game, which we may
computerize, on this general topic.  That game will be geared to the
secondary school learner and classroom.  Ability, and a willingness
to work with others is thus essential to success in this course.

Books to order for J400:
	1.  Wolfgang Schivelbusch, "Tastes of Paradise," trans.
David Johnson, Publisher:  Penguin, 1993.
	--ISBN 0-679-74438X; paperback
	2.  Mark Honigsbaum, "The Fever Trail:  Malaria, the
Mosquito, and the Quest for Quinine" (NY:  Macmillan, 2002)
	--ISBN 0-330-481851; paperback
	3.  Kenneth Pomerantz and Stephen Topik, "The World that
Trade Created:  Society, Culture and the World Economy from 1400 to
the Present," Second Edition, 2005 (due out 31 October 2005),
Publisher:  ME Sharpe
	--ISBN 0765617099  Please note that I am requesting the
second edition, and it should be in paperback