Honors | German Literature in Translation
H226 | 26836 | Marc Weiner

This class has been CANCELLED but see H226 30916 (2nd 8-weeks class)
for spring 06.

The course provides an introduction to major literary works of
German-speaking Europe from the late 18th-century Sturm und Drang to
the present, post-unification era. Through analysis of diverse
genres -- poetry, short story, novella, drama, music drama, novel,
and film script -- the course also familiarizes students with
various methods and complexities of literary interpretation.

All texts will be read in English translation. No knowledge of
German is required. No credit give in Germanic Studies. The course
counts toward the College's distribution requirement in Arts and

Participation (not merely attendance) is essential to the class
being successful; there will be a midterm and a final exam. Grades
will be computed as follows: participation = 50%; midterm exam =
25%; final exam = 25%.