Honors | Native American Film & Video (HON)
H304 | 17025 | David Shorter

M 4:00-6:30pm
W 4:00-5:15pm

This course introduces students to the study of Native American
images and representations. The course focuses on selected
ethnographic, documentary, animated, and feature films, ranging from
1920 to the present. Questioning the themes of assimilation,
historiography, contemporary politics and religiosity, the students
will be expected to watch and critically respond to films on a
weekly basis. Additionally, the students will refer to a course
reader which presents articles pertaining to film theory, the
photographic image, Native American history, and reviews/contentions
of the films examined in class. Final evaluations will reflect 1)
class participation in group presentations and discussions, 2) two
pop quizzes, 3) attendance, 4) a midterm and 5) a final exam which
will contain class film scripts, and short essay assignments.